Fat Positive Therapist My Fat Ass!

I went on a web-site to find a fat- positive therapist (body-positive/whatevs). It was a website that lists fat positive providers. So I found one, [Redacted]. I went to my appointment, sat in the waiting room, and watched a thin man exit the door of [Redacted]’s office.

I walked in and saw the usual set-up: chair with therapist in it across from chair for client. I went to go sit in the client chair, and she yelled out, “Don’t sit in that chair! It’s not for people like you!”

Following, an awkward conversation ensued where I was instructed to drag over the Fat Chair.

So, yeah, while I didn’t get to break a chair, I did my best to try! Oh, and I never went back! Now tell me why the fat chair couldn’t have just been for EVERYONE?!