Own the Name… Not the Shame

I go by two names… my birth name, Yolande and my nick name Yoli.

Fatness is not a new concept to me… it has followed me my entire life… I have learned to live with it. And while yes I want to be healthy, I’ve learned to develop a fairly thick skin over most of the slings and arrows life throws at my ample frame.

The only problem with having my name… kids can be right little terrors when they set their mind to it.

Walking out into the play ground at lunch time in school was an interesting experience for me, because from the age of 8-12 all I heard was

“Yoli Poly, puddin and pie
Rolled over the boys and made them die!”

Charming little critters aren’t they.

I thought once I moved to high school things would change… oooooh noo baby puppy…. The rhyme was gone, but the sentiment lived on….

Now instead of school yard chants I had to gird my loins and face the barrage of

“YO! Landmass” as I walked down the school halls.

Now as a 40 year old, I can laugh at the ingenuity of these little beasts and wonder… who else out there has a story like mine?